Cheapest High Speed Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Canada 
A list of cheap high speed internet providers. Tired of paying high prices and small bandwidth caps for home high speed internet service from Roger or Bell. There are lots of other internet service provider companies that provides high speed internet services at a cheaper affordable price such as TekSavvy, Acanac, Distributel to name a few. To help get you started in your research, here's a list of affordable high speed internet service providers. You can potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for over usage fees per year.
  • ISP

    • 8COM - High Speed Internet
      No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

      8COM offers high speed cable internet dsl internet
    • VMedia Internet
      VMedia Internet offers high speed cable and DSL internet.
      Cable Packages: 25mbps, 45mbps
      DSL Packages: 6 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps

      Packages also includes:
      - No usage limits
      - No contracts
    • Start Communications
      Start Communications offers cable internet and DSL internet services.

      Cable Packages: 6mbps, 25mbps, 35mbps, 45mbps, 150mbps!!!
      DSL Packages: 6 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps
    • TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
      TekSavvy offers high speed lite to high speed unlimited download internet services. Their DSL internet service packages starts from $24.95(lite) to high speed internet unlimited for $39.95/Month.

      TekSavvy also offers High speed internet cable service which starts from $27.95/month for the lite package to their "TekSavvy
      Extreme Cable Pro" unlimited high speed internet for $54.95/month.
    • Acanac
      Residential High Speed 5Mbps DSL Internet starting from $24.95/month on a 1 Year term.

      Residential High Speed 10Mbps Cable Internet starting from $35.95/month on a 1 Year term.

      Residential High Speed 15Mbps Cable Internet starting from $39.95/month on a 1 Year term.

      Our No-Cost Extras include unlimited download, 100GB of Online Storage, SSH Tunnels and Free Static IP`s.
    • (Cybersurf Internet Access)
      DSL service $29.95/mo.
      Cable service $32.95/mo.

      Sign up with CIA Home Phone Premium ($39.95/mo.) and get High Speed Internet access absolutely FREE
    • CIK Telecom - Internet Services
      CIK offers unlimited cable interent at 25mbps and 45mbps speeds and DSL at 15mbps speeds.
      Residential High Speed Internet(DSL) starting at $29.50/mo.
    • AIC Global Communications Inc.
      ADSL Service starting at $29.95/mo.
    • Velcom
      ADSL service starting at $29.95/mo.
    • Primus
      DSL service starting at $34.95/mo.

      Earn Aeroplan Miles or AIR MILES reward miles when you sign up.
    • Yak Communications
      High speed starting at $36.95/mo.
    • Caneris
      High Speed Internet starting from $31.95/month
    • Lightspeed Communications
      High speed Internet service in Western Canada.
    • Novus Entertainment Inc.
      Experience the power of the fastest residential Internet service in Western Canada.
      Checkout their promo package for HighSpeed DSL Internet. They also have home phone and internet bundle package for a low price.
    • Distributel Internet Services
      High Speed DSL Internet $36.95
      High Speed Cable Internet starting from $37.95
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