How to turn on SWYPE on a Samsung Galaxy S 
The is a neat feature on the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone called SWYPE. SWYPE is a keyboard which allows your to draw lines to each letter of a work and it figures out what you are trying to spell. If SWYPE can't determine the word that you are trying to spell, it will pop up a list of suggested words to choose from. This is turned off by default on the Samsung Galaxy S, there is the instructions on how to turn this feature on.
  • How to turn on SWYPE on a Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2)

    • 1.
      Goto Applications
    • 2.
      Click on Settings
    • 3.
      CLick on Locale and text
    • 4.
      Click on "Select input method"
    • 5.
      Select Swype
      That's it. Now go try it out by doing a google search or write a note.
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